What that means is that where consumers are out in force (platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest), brands don’t get differentiated treatment (no special rectangles or 300x250 boxes); they’re given a regular account like the rest of us.
Plus Mark himself is such a fearsomely effective person. And so young; he’s only a little older now than Larry and Sergey were when they started Google; so he still has the energy and mental flexibility that’s usually the only asset of founders just starting out.

I believe this is the biggest thing people discount about Facebook’s potential. Mark Zuckerberg is a machine. 

The above is a quote Paul Graham made in the comments of his post.

It is also great to see him talk about the need for young companies to have a revenue stream. Even the early stage guys are now preaching a business model. Nice. 

Paul Graham’s Letter to YC Companies | Hacker News